UAB ”Ardynas” implements architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy. The employees are certificated by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and/or Construction Production Certification Center and have a right to design exceptional significance construction for all groups of structures, to prepare environmental impact assessment documentation, to prepare territorial planning documents, to perform supervision of the implementation of design documentation and technical supervision of construction, to design immovable cultural properties management works.
    Activities of the organization have a close relation with the protection and preservation of the environment. Therefore, the highly skilled specialists, who are seeking quality services and benefits to the customers, with their creativity and experience, reach the optimum technological solutions implementation and foresee sustainable development, ensuring environmental requirements and public welfare.
       Purpose of the Organization:
                   • to seek long-term and continuous activities improvement, that customers would be provided qualitative, in time and competitive environment protection, engineering and architectural activities, continuously reducing the negative environmental impact, increasing the durability of constructions and reliability of equipment;
                   • to improve activities, by ensuring employees occupational health and safety system, managing danger of risk, in advance providing the risk mitigation measures, raising qualification of employees and promoting their desire to improve.
    To achieve and maintain a high standard of service quality, including customers and employees satisfaction, the Organization has implemented an integrated management system utilizing a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements, an environmental management system conforming to 14001:2015 standard requirements, and an occupational health and safety management system conforming LST 1977:2004 standard requirements.
     We are constantly improving the integrated management system and we are ready to continuously expand and improve our activities - to understand and satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, to improve processes management of activities and technical innovation, constantly raising the qualifications of all employees, to create a skilled team for project implementation; according to each employee's duties and competences to educate them responsibility for the quality of services and solutions for environmental friendliness; to ensure safe working environment for employees and customers.
     The Organization highlights key social responsibility areas: human rights, socially responsible employer practices, ethical business, relationships with customers and contractors, as well as management of all processes, from which depends social responsibility issues and its execution.
     To achieve a high efficiency of  management system process, the Organization top  management  undertake to create a high quality and efficient working conditions, ensuring for all employees available  work- related information and opportunities  to complete delegated works and tasks; to recognize employees for their achievements and initiative; to  motivate them to achieve better results and to give opportunity to express themselves; to pay particular attention to employee qualifications; optimal use energy resources and choose partners and suppliers who are responsible for pollution reduction.
     UAB ”Ardynas” employee, appointed by Director, administrates a quality, environment, occupational safety and health management functions and integrated management system is constantly reviewed, renewed and improved. All employees, who are familiar with the policy and fully understand its principles, are responsible for the integrated efficient and effective management system in the organization.
       This policy is publicly available to all interested parties. 

      Director   Kristina Norvaišienė