Šiauliai district municipality Raudėnai  primary school with 198 places Technical design


J.Juozaitienės IĮ “Vila” Construction of 21000 m2 shopping center, located in K. Baršausko str. Technical design.
Supervision of the implementation of design documentation
UAB ”Konig”  Reconstruction and enlargement of the primary school with 198 places Raudėnai, Šiauliai district  Detail design 


UAB “Kelprojektas” UAB ”Kelprojektas” J. Kanto 25, Kaunas,  Ventilation project part Technical design
Design studio ”Katedra” Liquidation of emergency condition, reconstruction of the buildings Žemaitės theater, Cultural center and K.Praniauskaitės public library building Respublikos str.18, Telšiai. Construction project part. Auxiliary building with two places in  garage and storage Techninis projektas


UAB “Toksika” Reconstraction of UAB ”Toksika” administrative building (8.2), storage buildings, (8.9), new construction Jočionių str. 13b, Vilnius. Engineering networks project Technical design.
Supervision of the implementation of design documentation
Kėdainiai care home Kėdainiai care home  in Šlapaberžė village, Dotnuva eldership, Kėdainiai district. Reconstruction of the dormitory building to the care home Detail design.
Supervision of the implementation of design documentation


UAB ”Vilniaus kapitalinė statyba” School in Kryžiokų Sodų 7th str., Vilnius Technical design


Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital Reconstruction of the roof, facades, therapeutic housing area, engineering systems in Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital, repair of  pavement in territory and construction of 35 places parking  in Vytauto str. Palanga Technical and detail design



AB “Lietuvos dujos”

Reconstruction of the control room (3G2P) to the office building, Gudelių str.49, Vilnius

Technical design



UAB "Vilijos Parkas"  Reconstruction of the sports halls to the boiler house Vilijos str.2, Vilnius. Environmental protection
AB „Amber Grid“   Reconstruction of Odorants storage with shelter, Cadastral No. 8940/0001-142 Puorių village, Širvintos eldership, Širvintos district Detail design