UAB ”Ardynas” is a member of  two associations registered in Lithuania: Association ”Lietuvos dujotiekio statyba” (LDSA) and Lithuanian Association of Engineering Consulting Companies.
     Association ”Lietuvos dujotiekio statyba” has been established on the 29th of  March in 1991 as a pipeline construction organizations voluntary association, companies activities are pipeline construction works, design works, gas equipment and devices production, gathering and sale, also services related to pipeline repair work  in the Republic of Lithuania and beyond it.
       UAB ”Ardynas” became a member of this Association in 1998.
     Purpose of LDSA - to increase  the production potential of  its members, quickly and efficiently use information about scientific and technological innovation in pipelines construction works, to promote the exchange of information, to increase cooperation between the members of the Association, to maintain contacts with foreign and international organizations; to analyze and to promote the technological innovations, progressive work methods, business management principles for gas economy, to analyze the development of energy policy and to publish their opinion about these issues, to coordinate and implement the tasks assigned to members of the Association, to represent and defend the rights and interests of their members in the government institutions, to ensure the rights of pipeline  construction organizations in international law, which are implemented in Normative Legal Acts in the Republic of Lithuania.
     Lithuanian Association of Engineering Consulting Companies has been established in 2003. It is a voluntary alliance of the engineering/consulting companies registered in Lithuania, delivering design documentation for the territorial planning and building construction, providing consultancy services, performing the authors' supervision, assessment of the impact to environment, technical specifications, feasibility studies, project management and other services related to a project implementation, including specialized in one or several engineering or architectural sectors.
     The main task of the Association - to seek quality of  design work and consultations, to create added value for the projects, by offering sustainable solutions for  built and natural environment, for the risk and cost of the project management and to ensure projects economic and social prosperity.
       UAB ”Ardynas” became a member of this Association in 2004.